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Muscle sparing approach equals less pain, less recovery and a more rapid return to living.


Dr. Craig M Mines is one of the only surgeons in Georgia to offer the anterior approach option for patients considering hip replacement surgery. The anterior approach is an advanced surgical technique in which an incision is made in the front of the hip rather than to the side or back of the hip. This method uses muscle sparing strategies that reduce muscle trauma and get patients back to normal activity faster.

Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, anterior approach hip replacement allows the physician to replace the joint without distressing or detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur during surgery. With an anterior approach hip replacement, patients may be able to immediately bend their hips freely and bear full weight when comfortable, enabling a quicker return to normal function. Other benefits include decreased risk of dislocation, a smaller incision, more precise and accurate leg length and fewer days in the hospital. In fact, most patients are up walking the same day of surgery and leave the hospital within one to two days after surgery.

Anterior Hip Replacement

A recent trend in hip replacement surgery has been to perform the surgical procedure through smaller, less-invasive approaches. The idea of this trend is to perform the same procedure with less disruption to the surrounding muscles and soft-tissues. By performing surgery through smaller incisions, with less soft-tissue dissection, it is hoped that patients will have less pain and a faster recovery.